POV-Ray executor


I have been using the POV-Ray ray-tracer software, on and off, for a long time. Originally on Windows, where POV-Ray came with a handy GUI to run the software, but more recently on Linux, where it only provides a command line interface. Not a very big deal, given that the program can be controlled completely from a file, but it nagged me enough to decide that I would try to wrap the command line interface in a little GUI. The result of that exercise can be found on this page.

The GUI consists of three tabbed pages. The first page is an editor for the POV-Ray control file. The second page shows the textual output from a POV-Ray execution. The third and final page shows POV-Ray's preview output, if that is enabled in the control file and if your version of POV-Ray supports it. To enable the preview, don't forget to add the following two lines to your POV-Ray control files.

Display = on
Pause_When_Done = on


The POV-Ray executor software is released under the GPL license, version 3 (or, at your option, any later version). Feel free to improve it, or to adjust it to your own needs.

How to install

With the two links at the bottom of this page you can download a Debian package and the source code for the GUI. If you use a Debian-based operating system, like Ubuntu, there is no need to download the source code. Just go to the directory with the downloaded package and execute the following command.

sudo apt-get install ./povrayexecutor-1.1.deb

On other Linux platforms the package is of no use; you will need to compile the source code. This requires Qt5 to be installed on your PC. The source code includes a project file for Qt Creator, so make sure to have that as part of your Qt5 installation. The code links against the X11 library, so you also need to have that library's development package installed on your PC.

Note that the links on this page do not install the POV-Ray ray-tracer software. You have to install that yourself, which is a straightforward process on Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install povray

Unfortunately I have no experience with other Linux platforms, so you will have to work out how to install POV-Ray on those platforms yourself.


Debian package

MD5: 420e52226fc637737528bb09d224a910

C++ source code

MD5: 114bdb7c37b63fc4f42eaab7e3402ad0