Many moons ago I started working on a small web site....

That sentence opened the main page of the first two incarnations of this website. It would be a shame to break with tradition, so here it is again... now opening the main page of the site's third incarnation.

It must have been in early 1997 that I found myself with too much spare time on my hands. That is when I decided to spend some of that time learning about how to set up a website. What originally began as a humble few pages without much content, rapidly developed into a sizable site with fourteen sections about a range of topics. (Did I already mention that I had too much time on my hands...?)

A good few years later I had to change my internet provider. By that time the layout of the site had become quite outmoded (after all, things change rapidly on the web...), so I took the opportunity to make the site look a bit more fashionable again. That was its second incarnation, with pretty much the same content as the original.

I am afraid that shortly after that my interest shifted to other areas, so that the website became largely dormant. Occasionally a page still got added or updated, but nothing substantially changed until 2016.

L'histoire se répète... once again I had to change my internet provider. This time I have decided to completely overhaul the site and rebuild it from scratch, getting rid of most of the original sections and completely rewriting the sections I want to keep. A considerable amount of work and not something that I expect to complete real soon. So, if you are looking for something that used to be here, please have some patience... it may well become available again in the near future.